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2019 Robert Engelman



Robert (Bob) Engelmann was born in Des Moines, Iowa and served a long and successful career with Continental Western Insurance Company.

Mr. Engelmann started his insurance career in the Western Mutual mailroom in 1939 and rose to become president of Continental Western Insurance Company retiring in 1979. He served many years as underwriting vice president, and was considered an expert in property insurance. He was in senior management when Western Mutual became the first company to convert from a mutual to a stock insurance company; and subsequently helped form Western Holding Corporation and Continental Western Life Insurance Company.

Mr. Engelmann’s insurance career was interrupted during World War II while he honorably served his country in New Guinea and the Philippines.

A mentor to many, Mr. Engelmann is described as “…the epitome of honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and human compassion…” and more importantly, always had time for others.

He was a sought after speaker and advisor for agents associations. He initiated the agents advisory panel at the company and was respected as an excellent communicator with the ability to make individuals feel valued.

Respected by his peers, he was a leader in the Mid-Western and Southwestern Insurance Executive organization and served as president of the Iowa Insurance Institute. He also served as president of the Iowa Insurance Education Foundation.

After his retirement from Continental Western in 1979 after 40 years of service, he continued to volunteer his services to many organizations in Lebanon, Missouri, and Prescott, Arizona.

Mr. Engelman died November 21, 2004 and is survived by his wife Harriet Engelmann and sons Craig R. Engelmann and Brett Engelmann, grandchildren and great grandchildren.